12 - Le Comité étudiant de l'IHSTeH lance de nouvelles activités

Comme nous le présentions dans notre article daté du mois d'août (http://www.portailtelesante.org/article.php?sid=1539), l'ISFTeH (International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health) a créé un comité étudiant en son sein.


Aujourd'hui, le comité étudiant est mobilisé sur de nouvelles activités :









Dear ISfTeH Student Members,


The ISfTeH is proud to announce a new and special activity for the student members: 



The “ISfTeH Student’s Virtual Session”


This is an initiative that aims to promote the active participation of associated students during official ISfTeH Meetings. This new session format will allow the remote presentation of student’s projects and researches in e-health, using Powerpoint or videoconference technologies. The first and exciting opportunity is the upcoming

Med-e-Tel in Luxembourg (16-18 April 2008, www.medetel.lu), where five (5) abstracts will be selected to be presented.


To encourage the world wide participation of “Students” in this new “Virtual Session”, the ISfTeH board decided to:


·        Offer free registration for all 5 selected abstracts for remote presentation;

·        Offer an AWARD for the best student’s presentation: a flat rate prize of USD 1,000.00 (one thousand US.Dollars), to be used by the winner as part of the cost of an international long distance airline ticket to attend the next Med-e-Tel event in 2009

·        Publish the abstract of the 5 selected presentations in the Med-e-Tel Program Guide as well as on the Med-e-Tel website.

·        The winner will also see his (her) Powerpoint presentation added to the Med-e-Tel website and the text of the Proceeding published in the C.D. and Book (both under ISSN #)






 “ISfTeH Student’s Virtual Session”




 -  Technical aspects for the Remote Presentation:


         1. To use “Skype®” for videocommunication;

         2. To send (submit) the Presentation Abstract for the official Med-e-Tel web-site  (www.medetel.lu), in agreement with the meeting deadline;

         3. To send the Power-Point Presentation with Sound (speech of the presentation) 30 days before the meeting, and after that to be available to perform the remote presentation in advance (full test with the participation of the session chair or a member of the organizing committee)

         4. Criteria for Remote Presentation:

             Time interval: 10 minutes (maximum);

             Number of slides: 5 (minimum)-10 (maximum) slides;

             Slides order: to put number at the slides corner (for example: from 01 to 10);

             Presentation: The author must be remotely available to answer the occasional questions from the auditorium.





“The worldwide inclusion of students in Telemedicine and e-Health projects is a key component for their success and sustainability”


We, from the ISfTeH Student’s Working Group kindly invite you to join us! Do not hesitate in contacting ISfTeH!




ISfTeH Student’s Committee



         Frank Lievens, MSc,


 ISfTeH Board Member,

Secretary and Treasurer



        Student’s Working Group



Adolfo L F Sparenberg, MD, MSc


President  SOMESUL

Sao Lourenco do Sul, Brazil

Researcher, MicroG Centre/PUCRS

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil




Thais Russomano, MD, MSc, PhD


Head, MicroG Centre/PUCRS

Professor and Researcher, PUCRS

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil









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